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Our expertise is not only on digital marketing but also on helping our clients to transform their business into more efficient and productive entities. We helped our client, Matthews Liquor, to scale up their business both in sales and in operations

Matthews Liquor


Since 2020



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“We want to optimise our internal process & scale up our business”
(Matthews Liquor’s owner)
Starting in western suburbs of Victoria since 2015, Mathews Liquor attracted thousands of walk-in local traffic everyday. However, the whole store database were still managed in a separated and manual way, which reduced the efficiency of staffs, and costs the business thousands of dollars per year.
They reach Intelligence4Start in mid-2020, when lockdown and restrictions were still in place. Never before they realised the importance of a well-functioned e-commerce store. Their goal was to successfully transform from a predominantly offline bottle-shop to a significantly player in the digital space.

Matthews Liquor is a well-known business in west Victoria. The brand is well recognised within the local community. When COVID-19 starts, there was significant increase of online order. At that point of time, the business owner found that his current marketing & operations may not be robust enough to scale up with the upcoming opportunities.

Due to the nature of this specific industry, internal system of Matthews Liquor was a mixed of multiple separated components which could not provide the business a centralised customer database.

Besides, as the business had been running on the traditional way of marketing for local community, the need to transform its online presence to reach to wider audience emerges as key factor for the growth of Matthews Liquor.

Develop a new ERP system to integrate database of three stores into one place. This allows Mathews Liquor to manage every essential tasks of all stores in one place, from orders, payments to payroll, inventory, etc.

Renovate current e-commerce website, together with website content writing to offer seamless shopping experience in both physical and online stores.

Tailor all social media marketing strategy to attract awareness from targeted audiences.

Manage digital ad campaigns & execute SEO plan to maintain short-term online sales & to aim for long-term organic growth of the business.

Apply professional video marketing strategy to amplify unique selling points of the business.

Optimise e-mail marketing campaigns to retain actual customer pool.



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