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Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a service that specifically targets your chosen audience, so that you can make sure your brand is being seen by the right people in your surrounding locations such as Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. With over 2 billion users on Facebook, you’re guaranteed to find the right potential customers for your brand.

Why does business need Facebook Ads

Today it’s all about online advertising to ensure that you reach a far wider and more engaged audience. Facebook Ads have become one of the most used services in the digital marketing industry. With its specialised features on reaching your target audience, you’ll be guaranteed to reach an engaged and relevant audience for your brand.

By having this targeted audience, you will see a huge increase in your click rates too. As your targeted audience already has an interest in your brand, they are far more likely to click on the Ads and head straight to the intended destination, making your work far more streamlined and efficient.

Our Approach

Advanced Audience Targeting

You don’t just want to reach more people, you want to make sure you’re reaching the right people. That’s where Advanced Audience Targeting comes in. By customising your target audience, we can make sure that every person reached is the perfect target for your brand.

Ads Creative Optimising

With Facebook being the largest social media platform, this is not an area you want to miss. It can be difficult navigating Facebook, and at times, it can feel like a minefield. That’s why our Facebook Ads team does all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Results Over Likes

Likes are great, but they don’t get you very far. Our purpose is to drive the audience towards the intended call to action, for example, purchasing. We look at the end result you want and make sure we get you there.

Why Us?

We help you reach your potential customers.

Facebook ad specialists will be able to increase your potential customer reach and market audience, with just a few clicks of a button.

We do all the hard work for you

If you’re new to Facebook advertising and don’t know where to start, it can feel very overwhelming at times. Our Facebook specialists are experts in navigating this social media platform to help boost your brand awareness and increase customer sales.

Leave it to the experts

With many years in the Social Media Advertising industry, we know what is good to get the results you need. After setting your goals and budget, we work around you to help you reach your target and get you to where you want to be.


Understand Your Business Goals


Campaign Planning


Discussion & Get Approval on Approach & Budget


Launch the Campaign


Monitor, Optimise & Measure the Performance